Monday, June 26, 2017

Matt and Jackie Find a Home

Over the past five or so years, Matt and Jackie have been searching for the perfect home. I am their realtor. I set out on their search right prematurely only to find the market wasn’t right for them at the time and it caused me to question whether they were truly ready to settle down, so I backed off.  It happens.
Matt and Jackie are the main characters in my novel, White Lies and Promises.
They patiently waited in a digital file as my other stories found their homes and got published. I would periodically revisit them, change a few details – including the title, and send a query or two to agents, but they never found perfect fit. I kept the faith it would happen someday. Someday arrived on their birthday.
May 1st was my self-imposed deadline for a New Adult novel I’ve been writing since last summer. In April, I hit a snag and began finding excuses to extend the looming deadline. May 1st came and went. I had a very clean and organized house, but a very rough manuscript in no condition to submit for anyone’s consideration. Frustrated with myself (but still open to distractions) I sat down at my computer on May 18th to finish and polish the NA novel. When I noticed the date, however, I found the day’s distraction. It was Matt and Jackie’s shared birthday. I promised myself one quick tweet and wrote: You know you’re a writer when you remember your characters’ birthdays #amwriting. I watched as the few likes and retweets popped up in my notifications and thought I’d move on. But, that’s not how Twitter works, especially when you’re supposed to be doing something else. I trolled a few profiles and hashtags before landing on #MSWL – Manuscript Wish List. I periodically check there to see what types of submissions agents and publishers are currently ‘wishing for’.
While browsing, I noticed a new indie publisher seeking submissions, including romance. My mind began to race with thoughts - Matt and Jackie’s story is a romance, it’s their birthday, I believe in Fate. I immediately clicked the link taking me to the website for Bon Chance Press. On the shiny new site was a dragonfly representing new beginnings. With the urging of Bon Chance – good luck, I knew I had to submit.
I spent the next two hours assembling a query letter, reviewing my previously written synopsis and re-re-reading the first three chapters of the manuscript. After another cup of coffee, I began the email to Bon Chance Press. I was happy with my query letter, satisfied with my synopsis (no one loves their synopsis, impossible) and was about to paste in the first three chapters when I hit the tab button to adjust the heading on the synopsis. That’s when it disappeared. It sent. It sent before I could paste in the chapters. Rule number one in submitting is to follow directions and now my submission was on its way appearing as if I didn’t follow directions. First, I panicked. Next, I thought it was hopeless. Then I remembered the date and the motto and got the courage to draft a new email explaining the snafu. I included all the required info and added ‘corrected submission’ in the subject line and hit send. I sat back and wished Matt and Jackie good luck.

Twenty-four hours later, I heard back. It was a request for full – the holy grail of querying requests. I dropped everything that day and furiously reviewed the entire manuscript before submitting. Only ten days later I got the call. Yes, a call! On Memorial Day I received an offer from Bon Chance Press.

The past few weeks have been a blur. I am in awe of my publisher, cover designer, and editor. White Lies and Promises will be available 12/12/17 – move in day for Matt and Jackie.

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