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At the end of October 2013 I signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press to publish my novella, Reality Re-Do.  Here's the latest on the progress. So exciting!

4/1/14 No fooling - approved and sent my blurb, tagline and excerpts today to my editor at The Wild Rose Press!

4/2/14 I submitted the final round of edits today.  One step closer to publication!

4/13/14 Received preliminary galley for review.  So cool to see it in "book format"

4/18/14 Submitted edits on galley to editor for review

4/23/14 Heard from my editor - copy editors approved, should receive final galley within about 7 days!

4/28/14 Stares at inbox......

5/2/14 Worth the wait - my cover looks amazing!  Going to contain my enthusiasm and wait until I know the release date before sharing.  (Okay, I shared with a few friends)

6/11/14 Submitted manuscript for Reality Re-Mix (hopefully #2 in the Reality Series) to editor, fingers crossed she loves it, cuz I do!

6/21/14 I have release date!! Reality Re-Do will be available worldwide on September 3, 2014. Ecstatic!

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