Monday, April 24, 2017

Resurrecting Characters

While writing my current work-in-progress, I’m discovering I’ve been unconsciously borrowing traits from previous characters in my first manuscript. I say ‘manuscript’ and not ‘book’ because the manuscript phase is where it remains stuck for the past eight years. Although it never made it into reader’s hands, it has been in my head for over a decade. The characters are as familiar to me as the real people in my life. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find them slipping into my current writing. In fact, they are resurfacing with ease.

So why the dilemma? To allow them to resurrect, I have to admit they are dead.
I’ll back up.

Years ago, when I finally admitted I was writing a book, everyone told me my first story would probably not get published. Not because they had read it, but because – that’s what happens. I didn’t want to believe the warning. Of course I thought my fabulous story would be the exception to the statistic. I would be the exception. And of course, I was not. Totally-new-idea/manuscript number three actually became my first published work. By the time my fourth book had been published, I had moved on from the original. I no longer looked at it and more importantly I stopped shopping it. Had I given up? I wasn’t sure. I told myself I would know when it was time to truly ‘shelve’ it. I know the story isn’t a seller, the writing weak, but the characters are strong and they are what has held the hope alive until, I guess, now.
The time has come to say goodbye to the story, but I will take with me the knowledge it has taught me – some tough lessons about the world of publication and the power of resilience. I’ll take some characters along for another ride, reintroducing them under disguise, if only for my benefit. I laugh alone realizing only I would ever now that Vicki is morphing into Mel, and Mike into Chris. The work-in-progress features brand new main characters, but their friends are beginning to look familiar to me and it feels right.

No one is going to call asking for my first messy story, so I’ll get to work cleaning up the old cast. No time to dwell on what didn’t happen, it’s makeover time.

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