Thursday, October 29, 2015

                                                 The Ordeal – Part Two

So, we learned to heat food on the stove, in the oven, crockpot and toaster oven.
We made popcorn the ‘old fashioned way.’

We ate fresh food.

We ate out – more than I care to admit.

The bill for the microwave, including the installation I was told would be reimbursed after the microwave is successfully installed, arrived.
I paid the bill.

The 21st came and so did the installers!

The microwave fit the space, and it worked. I didn’t let them leave until I’d heated a cup of tea.
Every now and then it turns on by itself when closing the door, but I figure that’s a minor nuisance I may or may not address. I have 15 days to decide to keep it – or so they say.

Lastly, I called the nice customer service lady to tell her all was good. She assured me she’d issue the rebate immediately. That was over a week ago, but as she said – “The check’s in the mail.”

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