Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Reviews Are In!

Well, one at least.  While I'm eternally grateful to all my friends and supporters for their Amazon and Goodreads reviews, yesterday I received a 4 start accolade from Long and Short Reviews and am eager to share.  What better way to end a blog drought than with a review? It also gets me off the hook with trying to come up something.
Seriously though, this came at a perfect time. I've been a bit stuck with a rewrite for the sequel and this re-lit the fire I desperately needed.
Thanks so much!

Reality Re-Do by Ally Hayes

Reality Re-Do by Ally HayesPublisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Length: Short Story (114 pages)
Heat level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Willow
Following her husband’s sudden and tragic death, Beth Franklin finds solace in her couch, watching Dream House, a home improvement show – until she tires of the show’s routine and writes into the network, suggesting a plot twist.
When TV executives ask her to consider appearing on the show, she finds herself not only renovating a house, but her own life when she and co-host, hottie Scott Roberts, hit it off.
With broken hearts in common, Beth and Scott take a risk on love, surprising not only themselves but the show’s viewers, as well.
The novella – Reality Do-over – is definitely every Fan-girl’s dream!
Beth Franklin is ready to move on with her life. To do this she gets her favourite reality television show to help her, but finds more then what she could of hoped for – that being Scott Roberts.
Scott Roberts, co-host of Dream house and Beth’s celerity crush is everything a main love interest should be – sweet, caring, gorgeous and most importantly truthful. Scott is definitely going on my list of fictional crushes.
The character development of Beth was brilliant. I was along for the ride a she tired to figure out how to continue her life after her late husband’s accident. I was truly blown away with Beth as she built her life back up from scratch after it crumbled around her. I was especially amazed with the fact her close friends and her daughter didn’t question her grieving method of ‘channel-surfing’ and help her out as the story goes along.
Ms Hayes has created a beautiful written story that I literally could not put down. I needed answers to the questions that had me bitting my nails right up to the last sentence.
This novel is perfect for all those who have ever fantasized a life together with their celebrity crush. I highly recommend it.