Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Imagined Release Day v. Reality Release Day

For years now I've dreamed of today.  Not specifically, September 3, 2014, but the day I would become a published author. Yup, I get to say those words now and will probably work it into every conceivable conversation.

Today is my Release Day.  I've imagined this day for years, not particularly for Reality Re-Do, but for any book.  For the past year, I've had the pleasure of being able to actually imagine a release day for this novella - a short, sweet romance that I believe is the perfect start to my career.  Since May, I've known the date.  Since then, September 3rd has been THE DAY.  Now, in the afternoon of this momentous occasion I have some observations:

I am overwhelmed, humbled and grateful for the support in the writing community, especially at The Wild Rose Press and #amwriting followers on Twitter.

I've actually enjoyed Facebook this week.

My imagined day was a far cry from real one. I pictured myself surrounded by fans, signing autographs, sipping champagne and graciously accepting praise while wearing a ball gown. My hair in an updo, my nails freshly manicured.

My real day involved making lunches at 5:45 (I was just informed they were, "disappointing"), doing release day laundry, release day vacuuming - vacuum broke and spilled an entire canister worth of dirt on my kitchen floor which resulted in release day sweeping and mopping.  My hair is not in an updo, but blown dry because I showered at 1:30 pm.  I'm squeezing this post in now as I will be driving to soccer and basketball shortly, followed by making dinner, picking up oldest daughter from the train and attending youngest daughter's open house at school.

There were no books to sign, but there were links to share and a gorgeous cover to post, tweet, pin,
and many people to thank.

So this is my reality, but it's Reality Re-Do's release day - and I couldn't be happier.

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