Monday, March 31, 2014

Reading While Writing

I’ve noticed lately that reading while writing is a bit tricky.
While I am always writing, there are those times when I’m really writing or like now when I’m on the last edits (big smile creeps across face) and these are the times I either cannot seem to read anything at all or must read something completely different, even opposite of that which I’m writing, or editing.

I’ve asked a few writer-friends if they find this is true for them, and I found everyone had their own quirks. One friend can only read in the same point-of-view as she’s writing or it will “mess with her,” others say they can’t read at all when a deadline looms. I know I have to read the genre as I’m writing when I am having a bit of a writer’s block and a few agreed that has helped them as well. When I’m in the groove though, I find it difficult to choose a book.

For the past few weeks I’ve been stuck as to what to read – because God forbid I’m not reading a book, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been without. I’ve picked up and put down a few, many I want to return to after I send off the manuscript for the last time, but nothing felt as if it wouldn’t interfere with my writing. Until I cleaned out my daughter’s bookshelves. Mid-dusting I opened up one of her middle-grade books, and got lost in the world of simple sentences and terrific storytelling. I’ve been plowing through great 4th – 7th grade books by Wendy Mass, Cythia Lord and Rob Buyea to name a few. Not only did I find enjoyable books to escape into and depart from my own writing, I found a valuable lesson. Don’t lose sight of the big picture – write a great story.

Who know, maybe next time I’ll find historical or paranormal while I write about broken hearts and second chances. Whatever it takes to keep reading and writing and reading while writing.

Back to edits now.



  1. I seem to have compartments in my brain with firmly-shut doors: I can be writing a book and reading a book, and never the twain do meet. Or, I can be reading a cereal box or a set of instructions for one of my husband's tools or directions on how to knit a sweater for an alligator ... Such is the curse of the reading addict. Great post!

  2. I find that I panic if I'm editing and not reading. It's like I've forgotten how to write and I need to make sure my writing makes sense. So I read a book from a different author, just to remember how it's done. Makes no sense. I don't have that problem when I'm writing.