Thursday, September 22, 2022


Welcome to Poppy Lane!

Here you’ll find everyone celebrates everything and decorating is strongly encouraged.

When California native, and Millennial Kennedy Moore inherits her Aunt Maggie’s house in the middle of Poppy Lane, in the middle of Indiana, she is overwhelmed with the neighborhood’s enthusiasm for the holidays.

Reluctant to embrace the small-town lifestyle, Kennedy wonders how she’ll make it through the year she committed to staying.

When she meets, Luke, another Millennial, the two discover not only an attraction to each other, but maybe to suburban life.

Find out more in A SNOWBALL’S CHANCE—available 11/2/22 from the Wild Rose Press.

A Snowball's Chance (Christmas Cookies): Hayes, Ally: 9781509241958: Books

But wait! There’s more. PROMPOSAL ON POPPY LANE—Coming Soon!

(and maybe something else in the works...)

Monday, October 4, 2021

 Party Time!

Tess has loved Adam for over ten years, but tonight, he's on his way to the altar with somebody else. Tess is left wondering how the situation got this far. When her friends throw a roast, they attempt to convince Tess she doesn't need Adam. With the help of strong friends and stronger drinks, she begins to believe she can move on from Adam. But drinks also reveal truths that could change her friends' minds about Adam and his true devotion. Was Adam tricked into marriage by a woman with fiancée-itis? Lamenting is fruitless and frustrating. Does Tess have one last chance to fight for the love of her life?

                                           Available Now

Thursday, September 16, 2021

At long last...The Roast

 I'm thrilled to finally announce the release date for The Roast. You are cordially invited to join the party on October 4, 2021. Can't wait? Me neither. Here's an excerpt to tide you over. Stay tuned for more inside info.

“Oh, Tess. Don’t cry. Remember—this too shall pass.” Leah’s drawl is so thick the statement sounds like a sampler embroidered on a pillow in her grandmother’s South Carolina parlor. 

“Yeah, it might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.” Carrie laughs and picks up her phone, taps a button, and repeats the phrase. 

Yup, she records what she considers clever quotes. I wonder if she’s planning a career in stand-up or plotting a tell-all memoir. Both are possibilities with her, and each scare me equally.

“Geez, Care, the joke wasn’t that funny.” Mel waves her hands in the air. “If you want a good one, try this—Life is not a fairy tale. If you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re a sloppy drunk.” 

“Heard that one before,” Alexa says. 

“How about an Adam roast?” Rory asks. “We should stop calling him your Ex. We should call him your Y. Like why did you date him?”

Monday, July 26, 2021

Meet Tess & Adam


“Hi, I’m Tess. Let’s see, what do you want to know about me? Well, I’m 27 and I’m a physical therapist, which I love. Something about seeing someone overcome pain and despair through hard work really speaks to me. I really love it when a client gets to the magical point where they take control of their progress and forge ahead without needing me. That’s when I know I’ve done my job.”

“I’m an only child and close with my parents, especially my dad. I’ve made up for siblings in the motley crew of friends I’ve had since grade school. We picked up and dropped off more along the way, but our group has been solid now since college. I grew up in Massachusetts and went to college in Connecticut. I now live with Alexa in Boston.”

“Adam? Yes, I assumed you’d want to know about my relationship with him. Okay, here’s the thing—I love him. Yup. I do. So why is marrying someone else tonight? Good question, but you’ll have to either ask him or read The Roast to find out.”


“Yeah, I’m Adam. I’m 28 and work in construction. Actually, I’m a project manager now so I oversee construction. I worked the hard shifts for so long I forget I’m not doing the heavy lifting anymore. It’s good work. There are always new projects to get excited about and I really like seeing a vision become reality.”

“I have one little sister. She’s a teenager now. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever said that. She has, um, challenges that prevent her from maturing, so she still seems like a little kid. She’s great and even though I don’t live at home, I spend a lot of time there because of her. I live in Boston now, but grew up in suburban Massachusetts. Most of my friends are from my hometown and a few are from college.”

“My love life? Ugh. I should’ve known that was the next question. Actually, you probably already know I’m getting married. To Tess? Um, no. Why not? Honestly, I don’t know. This wasn’t supposed to happen.  I really don’t know how we got here.”


    For more of Tess and Adam, watch for the release of The Roast—coming soon from The Wild Rose Press

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Oh, no! Someone is reading my book!

I should be excited. Right? I finished writing The Roast in 2017. The Wild Rose Press contracted it in late 2019. A dozen rounds of edits later I now have the galley copy. Hooray! But that also means the ARCs are with actual readers. I'm terrified.

This is not my first publishing rodeo, but the longest road to book-in-hand. While I still dream of seeing someone holding my book or posting a review, this stage is unnerving. A necessary evil I will accept and hope to soon be thrilled to announce my release date for The Roast.


Monday, February 15, 2021

Ode To My Blog




Oh, blog I know you are there

It’s been months since I stopped by, I haven’t been fair

I should post something witty, offer something to share

But sometimes I just don’t care

Then suddenly I feel your stare

The guilt is too much I just can’t bear

So I offer this dumb poem and prepare for your glare

Monday, October 5, 2020

For Beta or for Worse


Like so many others recently, I found a few new distractions over these last strange months. Aside from the TV shows I will not admit to becoming addicted, or the amount of online shopping I engaged in, I began beta reading.

As a writer, beta reading isn’t entirely new to me. But, beta reading in the true sense – reading and reviewing for a complete stranger was uncharted waters. Friends have read my early manuscripts and vice versa, but this format is quite different – and I like it.

As an avid reader, I agonize over my next read and always have. During Quarantine, I plowed through books, but still chose very discerningly. Fear of disappointment looms with every selection, even when recommended by a friend.

Enter beta reading. Through the Upwork platform I was selected to blindly read and review manuscripts. Each average 200 pages and can be any genre, heat level, and in any stage of development. In the past six months I’ve read all points on each spectrum. Some so bad I found it difficult to give feedback and some so well done I wondered if I was slipped a bestseller to check my credibility.

The process is mutually anonymous, so I feel free to give honest, solid criticism and praise. I benefit as well from practicing my craft and have to laugh when I point out weaknesses such as, ‘telling instead of showing’ and later peruse my own work-in-progress for the same.

The best part of beta reading is the reading. I don’t experience any anticipatory anxiety. No selection sorrow. Whenever I email I’m ready for another manuscript, I sit back, wait for a reply, and wonder what I’ll be reading for the next few days.